What if someone stole your identity . . . but you didn’t want it anyway?

Vera de Sica, a professor in New York, is tired of her life–it hasn’t turned out the way she hoped but, all the same, it is her life. At least it is until a trip to Los Angeles, where, distractedly returning her rental car, she becomes the victim of a con artist. Enter Charlene Cummins–the con artist’s girlfriend, cosmetics salesperson by day and identity thief by night. Armed with a stray credit card receipt left in the rental car’s glove compartment, Charlene finds her way into Vera’s personal records, opens up new credit cards in Vera’s name, and begins stealing not only her life but her sense of self. As the situation spins dangerously out of control, it’s up to Vera and her hacker boyfriend to track down Charlene and take back Vera’s identity, before it’s too late.


“You will leap from your bed at midnight to change your email password and cancel that rarely used Macy’s card after tearing through Shute’s taut and delectable little thriller.”

— Entertainment Weekly

“Fascinating . . . It may cure you of shopping online”

— New York Times

“A witty psychological study of two women who may have more in common than they realize.”

— USA Today

“Shute’s ingenious narrative is injected with acerbic wit and perceptive characterizations.”

— Bookspage

“Remarkably adept and engaging . . . a thoroughly modern novel”

— Rocky Mountain News

“Riveting, edgy . . . an astute psychological thriller”

— Seattle Post-Intelligencer